Nerve Sensitivity Analysis (Nerve Scan) 神经扫描检测

The fastest yet completed body health condition analysis.Full body check up package including eyes, brain, heart/cardio, lung, kidney, liver, gallbladders, and others, 25 profiles in total to show the information. (No fasting or blood test needed)

最快速且完整的身体健康状况分析,全身扫描配套包括眼,脑,心脏,肺,肾,肝,胆等25项指标,让您轻松地了解自身健康状态 (不需要禁食或抽血)

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DNA Test Diet Plan 基因营养食谱检测

  • Individually tailored diet and life-style plan based on a genetic analysis of each individual.
  • Developed by world-renowned researchers.
  • DNA test is analysed by using a simple saliva sample.
  • 开启您的DNA信息, 依据个人的基因制定出营养食谱来预防疾病,并保持健康的体魄。
  • 由世界顶级的科研人员开发
  • 通过唾液样品进行DNA分析
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