DNA Test Diet Plan基因营养食谱检测

Mr Lim 54 years old 林先生 54岁

A heart attack patient, went through bypass operation, was informed that he had to take medicines for the rest of his life. He usually felt weak when walking. Doctor told him to eat less meat and drink more milk to maintain his health. A few months later, one of his good friend introduced him DNA diet plan test, he found that milk is not suitable for him and he decided to change his diet and lifestyle.

4 months later, went for a medical check up, found that the health condition has improved and able to cut down the medication. He now feels energetic and able to jog slowly for around 3 KM without any problem. He is very happy to share with friends and relatives around him.


经过4个月的基因饮食调理,回到医生哪儿检查身体,发现身体健康状况突飞猛进,医生说他的药物可以减去 。整个人的气色也好多了并能够进行慢跑长达3公里. 现在他积极推荐他的亲朋好友都来进行这个量身定制饮食方式与生活习惯的方案。